Flight Attendants Jobs at Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

A career as a flight attendant at Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air is responsibility-filled, fast-paced and a lot of fun. Flexible schedule, Constant travel, meeting new people, and providing comfortable, safe, memorable journeys for customers make the life of a flight attendant endlessly interesting and pleasant.

Flight Attendant Pathways Program

If you want to fly as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, starting at Horizon Air will give you an advantage with the Alaska Flight Attendant Pathways Program. Alaska is committed to hiring up to 20% of its flight attendants from Horizon Air.

Flight Attendants Jobs at Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

How it works


⟾  Be a current Horizon Air flight attendant in great standing and in the role for 6 months

⟾  Happily complete flight attendant training and discipline at Horizon Air.


⟾  Submit your job application to the internal Pathways Program job posting; the internal Pathways Program job posting is open twice a year and Horizon flight attendants are told in advance


⟾  Interview with the Alaska Airlines flight attendant hiring team. Successful applicants are added to the Pathways pool based on their Horizon Air flight attendant station.

⟾  Continue in a current role at Horizon Air.

⟾  To transfer to Alaska Airlines, you will require to be in excellent standing at Horizon Air and be able to fly into all Alaska Airlines stations.

What it takes

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • 2 years’ Community or customer service experience
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Pass swimming and training test
  • Experience to represent the brand and live our values with pride and honour.
  • Authorization to work in the United States and enter/exit Mexico and Canada.
  • Reach 80 vertical inches (approximately 5’2” in height)
  • A love for travel and tolerance for wacky schedules at the start of your job.

How we hire

After reviewing your job applications, we select and invite some candidates to attend an interview event. The high-energy event includes group activities, orientation, and one-on-one interviews.


Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air give 5-and-6 weeks, individually, of tuition-free intensive training programs for all class of flight attendants.

After training, flight attendants are provided to save lives, fight fires, and take on any obstacle.

  • Training is 6-days a week in Seattle, WA,
  • Trainees must attend each day of class during the program.
  • Shared hotel rooms provided with your classmates for the duration of training.

After training

After completion of the training, new flight employees are on reserve. This means a block of time is listed in advance when you require to be available to be called out to work at a 2-hour notice.

The duration of your reserve status will be decided by your base priority.

Also, as a flight attendant for either Horizon Air or Alaska Airlines, you will be part of The Association of Flight Attendants union.

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